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(TSE) The TRUTH About Active Shooter Scenarios

Kevin Molesworth  (President, Brass Tacks Events)

Location: Islander A

Date: Tuesday, March 10

Time: 9:15am - 10:15am

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Track: TSE-Event Safety & Technology

Vault Recording: TBD

Determined to find a better answer than "Run, Hide, Fight" to the question of what event professionals and event guests should do if they find themselves in the middle of an active shooter scenario, I conducted several interviews with the real experts on the subject. After speaking with law enforcement officers at the local and state level, as well as with current and former members of the FBI, CIA, DHS and Secret Service, their answers were equally shocking as they were distressing. In this presentation, I will share my findings and then use the session attendees to crowd-source better solutions to terror threats/acts that specifically target live events.

Like so many other event professionals, I have been seeking a better strategy than "Run, Hide, Fight". A few years ago, nobody seemed to be discussing this topic at conferences. Now, I find myself concerned that there are too many self-described and so-called "experts" on the subject. I've attended many of these sessions and find that I'm being sold a bill of goods. Speakers are profiting from our fear and providing little substance. So, I went to the real experts in law enforcement: police officers, FBI, CIA and Secret Service. I interviewed them at length and many of the things they shared with me left me speechless. (e.g. Did you know that two men carrying an 8-foot long, wood 2x4 can easily kill up to 100 people in a matter of seconds?) I had always considered myself to be someone that was well-versed in risk management and mitigation, but these individuals opened my eyes to a sobering reality. While these findings are disturbing and many of us may want to "avert our gaze", it is our duty to prepare ourselves for the harsh and frightening potentiality.