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Successful Sales: A Deliberate Strategy, Part 1 of 3

Meryl Snow (Consultant, SnowStorm Solutions / Certified Catering Consultants)

Location: 228

Date: Monday, February 25

Time: 8:30am - 11:30am

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Track: Sales & Marketing

Association: LCA

Vault Recording: TBD

Audience Level: All

Discover the strategies and tools to achieve your sales goals. Meryl will dive deep in a 3-hour workshop
full of interactivity, designed to give you a thorough understanding and provide solutions to three major
sales issues in three consecutive sessions.
Owners or salespeople who aren’t realizing the results they desire, the cause is usually the same: They
don’t have a sales strategy.
Together we will dive into each step:
• Sales skills every salesperson should master
• 6 top challenges salespeople face in 2019 & how to solve them
• Create the strategy: What needs to happen to maximize your sales success
This deep dive is for owners, salespeople and management.
(Note: prior to the event, attendees will be asked to complete and submit a questionnaire.)

Hour #1: 8:30–9:15
Sales Skills Every Salesperson Should Master
The most important of today’s sales skills is simply understanding the buyer. It’s the foundation of
effective selling. But it involves more than just understanding who the buyer is. It’s the understanding of
who you are as a salesperson. Accelerate Your Sales. Maintain Focus. Build Confidence.
This deep dive is for owners, salespeople, and management.
You will learn:
• The importance of storytelling during the sales process
• 8 sales skills to master
• How to get people to like you immediately

Hour #2: 9:30–10:15
6 Top Challenges Salespeople Face in 2019 & How to Solve Them
Today’s selling moves at the speed of light, and as the special events industry continues to
accelerate…only the survival-of-the-fittest salespeople will thrive. It’s crucial that companies and
salespeople learn how to adapt to new buyer behaviors so that they can navigate through the sales
process and close more events.
This deep dive is for owners, salespeople, and management.
You will learn:
• Creating a targeted prospecting strategy
• Qualifying approach
• Negotiating higher prices
• Competing against PRICE
• Spending too much time on administrative or non-selling activities
• Effective team selling

Hour #3: 10:30–11:30
Building a Sales Strategy: What Needs to Happen to Maximize Your Sales Success
You need a process that you initiate over and over again.
Sales requires a strategy, a process, a way to proceed that you can measure and monitor.
For many, the term Sales Strategy invokes up images of boardroom discussions and long PowerPoint
presentations. In fact, a progressive steel-clad sales strategy is far more realistic than that. During this
workshop you will create a sales strategy with critical components.
This deep dive is for owners, salespeople, and management.
You will learn:
• Create a sales strategy plan outlining goals, best practices, and processes designed to align the
team and create consistency
• Successful sales strategies require the right tools
• Tracking results