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Roy VillacrusisExecutive ChefGaijin Asiatic Cuisine

Chef Roy Villacrusis is an artist at heart. Although he worked at restaurants as a young boy, Chef Roy didn’t decide to make a career out of it until later on. He was working a second job at a friend’s restaurant, saving up to finish his chosen field, in advertising and marketing when he fell in love with cooking. The vibrant colors of fresh cut fish and beautiful plates first attracted him, but the freedom to be able to express his self artistically through the dishes kept him wanting more.Taking a different route, Chef Roy avoided working under big name chefs and opted to study culinary arts on his own through an extensive book collection and traveling to immense food destinations. He managed to keep his food style pure and personal while taking inspirations from everything around him. He became an integral part to the success of James Beard award winning chef, Mark Militello’s restaurant empire in Florida as the Corporate Sushi chef where he won numerous awards and accolades before moving to Las Vegas for MGM Grand to be the Master Sushi chef for the in-house Japanese Restaurant, Shibuya where he garnered praises for his unique approach to Japanese ingredients. Chef Roy recently moved back to Las Vegas and is working on opening a new project, Gaijin Asiatic Cuisine, a studio like space where he will be serving an Omakase style tasting menu with new approach on sushi and other Asian ingredients. In the meantime, the young chef stays busy with consulting work, like the new sushi menu at Elizabeth Blau's Andiron Steak & Sea, Pop Up Dinners in town and other cities, plus demos and cooking events as a Product ambassador.